Hello hello. Good to ‘nearly’ meet you. We’re a tight-knit bunch of comms experts and we work at the knotty end of business comms challenges.

We have two specialisms: B2B marketing and employee communication. Our whole team is experienced in these two markets. We don’t know much about marketing toothpaste, but if you need to get complex things across to a business audience (whether business prospects or employees) the chances are we’ll  have done something like this before.

What’s important to us?

We believe that marketing should never be an “add on”, but that great business development activity – the activity that creates a sustainable pipeline of brilliant quality leads – can be baked into the DNA of the business.

We work with clients that want to grow their business and are on their journey to achieve sustainable business growth. We call this The New Marketing Journey.

What are we like to work with?

We play fair. We’re not greedy. We tell you the truth, not what will make us money. We’re brave enough to share the difficult messages. Relationships matter a great deal to us. Great feedback makes our week. We’re choosy about who we work with and what on. We get excited by the small things. We think about our projects in the bath. We’re charismatic and nerdy – quite a combination. We’re kind and tough in equal measures.

Find out more about our intent and values.

We’ve built the kind of consultancy we would want to work with…one that…

  • Understands the complex employee and b2b marketing landscapes and sticks to its knitting
  • Can link seamlessly as one team with you and your existing partners without trying to grab the whole lot
  • Can deliver everything you need – from strategy to copy to collateral to video to social media, so you’re not briefing and managing endless agencies
  • Is outcome focused – and comfortable with being held accountable for business results
  • Will be proactive and directive – and won’t just ‘take the order’