Brand Authority Through Talent Event

6 innovative talent strategies to create exceptional customer and brand loyalty.

The priority for big brands in 2011/12 is to regain market share and brand loyalty. People and talent are the most effective - in fact the only effective - lever for achieving brand success. Brands are built on the people who deliver the promise, whether they work with customers, finance, marketing or operations.

On June 9th 2011, six brand talent experts shared case studies, from brand-led recruitment to brand-focused empowerment and engagement. The session was hosted by Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, Gordon McAlpine, complete with real world case studies and a film screening.

Event agenda: brand talent case studies

The Vital I’s: ideas, investment and individuals: the key to achieving brand and business success
(learnpurple, Jane Sunley, CEO )

Words, visuals and film that change behaviour:
How to lift your brand off the page for your people with exceptional, easy to deliver communication.
Case study: PizzaExpress
(Onefish Twofish, Carrie Bedingfield, CEO)

Brand-led Recruitment: how online talent acquisition is transforming brand-led recruitment strategies - examples of how leading UK brands are implementing brand led online recruitment strategies that deliver results
(Changework Now, Lesley Nash, co-founding director)

The Place of Customer Experience: how to make customer experience feel real, relevant and empowering for employees
Case study: QVC and others
(Customer Faithful, Rick Harris, MD)

Leveraging the High Performance Model: How to determine what makes people outstanding delivering your brand and develop hundreds to deliver it the same way.
(Vybrant, Alan Sears, Director)

Strategy, Brand, Culture and Talent: How leading organisations use talent interventions to build a culture that delivers their strategy and brand.
(Xancam, Dr Maria Yapp, founder & CEO)

Conference host:
Gordon McAlpine, Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, CEO of The Sales Club

Who attended?

  • HRDs, Heads of Talent, Heads of HR, Customer Service Directors, Heads of Brand/Loyalty/Customer Experience
  • Large, brand-led businesses – from McDonalds to PWC