Bringing values and behaviours to life conference

We are hosting an event specifically designed for companies who need to bring to life well-established values and competency frameworks for tangible performance gains.

The event features 6 speakers sharing inspirational examples, including Pearson, the world’s largest publisher and owner of the FT and the highly experienced Simon Carter (currently HRD at Fujitsu and previously at Post Office and Thomas Cook). We’re expecting around 100 HRDs and heads of talent, organisational development and performance.

Event agenda:

Beyond Engagement - How today's leaders combine vision, values and competencies to drive the new world of work
Alan Sears, Head Honcho, Vybrant

Shaping tomorrow with you…and you…and you – first-hand practical examples of using values and behaviours to drive company performance
Simon Carter, HR Director, Fujitsu UK&I (and previously The Post Office and Thomas Cook)

What to do when 'competency' is a 4-letter word:
inspiring talent worldwide with a new development language
Alison Young, Management Development Director, Pearson plc

Compelling words, visuals and films:
how to give behaviour and competence texture and teeth through communication
Carrie Bedingfield, Director, Onefish Twofish

Behavioural Change through Data Visualisation
: how visualising business facts transforms employee decision making
Guy Cuthbert, Director, Atheon

Recruiting in line with values:
how to bring values to life in the candidate experience
Lesley Nash, CEO, Changeworknow

And a few details about the conference itself...

Bringing values and behaviours to life: How to lift high performance off the page with texture and teeth
Date: Thursday 14th June 2012
Time: 8:30 am – 12:30pm
Location: London Transport Museum, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7BB
Cost: £95 (or Speaker Guest Ticket)