Content and copywriting

At Onefish Twofish, we’re used to writing high-quality copy at speed. But we think it’s not enough to write ‘corporate copy’. We’re on a mission to transform business words from professional-but-listless copywriting to words which ask and answer the questions the reader is really interested in.

If your newsletter has ever started with ‘Welcome to the Spring edition of…’, you definitely need to talk to us. It’s not about trying too hard or getting down with the kids. It’s about telling stories from an angle that real people find fascinating. Think Sunday Times supplement not Witherington Parish News.

What they are thinking when they read your copy…

  • How will this help me do my job better?
  • Could this make me look clever in front of my boss?
  • Does this summarise information that would take me longer to find elsewhere?
  • Will this increase my personal knowledge and expertise (Brain Capital)?
  • Is this about issues or people I am personally interested in?
  • Does this give me useful information about things that might affect my future?

How to put us to work

Client communication

  • Client focused business updates which showcase your insight, credentials and client work
  • Case studies which are true stories, not pseudo marketing collateral

Employee communication

  • Internal newsletters that help everyone do their job better
  • Project and initiative communication