Creating a powerful employee communication strategy

A powerful vision or positioning that’s worth getting out of bed for

You might be working on your whole company vision and values. You could be focused on communicating a very specific change initiative in one function. Either way, our job is to create a clear positioning and message which shows employees:

  • How it will make their life at work better
  • Its relationship to things that matter to them, like recognition and progression
  • How it directly contributes to the overall business strategy

It might require its own internal brand identity – or connect in with an existing piece of internal content.

… and a plan for bringing these to life

Knowing the message is the first step. Getting it out to people and creating a dialogue (rather than just hitting ‘send’) is the hard part. We’ll help you build a systematic, credible communication strategy that builds networks and feedback loops too.


More about Communicating Internal Projects

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