Differentiating The Customer Experience in 2012: Workshop Given by Onefish Twofish And Customer Faithful

Employee engagement specialists from Onefish Twofish are joining forces with Customer Faithful, experts in designing the customer experience, to deliver a workshop on Differentiating the Customer Experience in 2012.  

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2012
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Location: Wallacespace, 2 Dryden Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9NA

The workshop is designed to help business-to-consumer (B2C) organisations with customer-facing teams to develop an experience and proposition that builds loyalty and creates brand advocates, and which their customers will talk about with friends and share online.

The workshop will explore and show:

  • How to use the customer experience as a ground way to compete – and what that actually looks like in practice
  • A methodology for re-inventing the customer journey using their whole lives, not just website/store/call centre interaction points
  • How to use communication to build energy internally and enable employees to transform the customer's experience.

To apply for one the limited places available, please contact Caroline Pryer at caroline@onefishtwofish.co.uk or call the team on 0118 321 7457.

Carrie Bedingfield, CEO of Onefish Twofish said:

“Making customers for life is about more than mapping the customer journey – everyone does that these days. To differentiate themselves, businesses must see customers as individuals, and find the small interactions that make a difference.

They must then communicate the customer experience effectively to employees, and motivate them to deliver it. This involves moving from a structured process to a clear framework that gives them room to be spontaneous and natural, using their talent and personality to make the experience ‘just perfect’ for each customer.”

About Onefish Twofish

Onefish Twofish are a tight-knit bunch of comms experts and work at the knotty end of business comms challenges. We have two specialisms: B2B marketing and employee communication. The whole team is experienced in these two markets. We don’t know much about marketing toothpaste, but if you need to get complex things across to a business audience (whether business prospects or employees) the chances are we’ll have done something like this before.

About Customer Faithful

Customer Faithful is founded on a collective of people who are passionate about understanding customers.
Their work is in supporting a wide range of companies across different industries deal with the same core issue – how it feels to be a customer and what can be done to improve their experience.

By studying customers – what motivates them, what frustrates them, what makes them behave they way they do – both as individuals and in crowds.
Customer Faithful has helped businesses and organisations to understand their customers, enabling them to plan and improve their customer offer.

Customer Faithful is led by Rick Harris – almost a ‘veteran’ of the UK customer experience scene now, whose 20+ years of experience spans a wide range of industry sectors and international markets.