DNA of a brilliant Value Proposition

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We'd be delighted to offer you an hour with one of our VP experts

We will share our thinking, show examples, and think aloud with you about where you're at right now. 

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This is the start of your journey

Job no.1  create a robust and engaging proposition that will cut through the noise in a sea of ‘me-too!’ or ‘so what? It really does mean the difference between success or failure for growth.

We’ve been doing this a while now, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

We believe the DNA of a brilliant Value Proposition looks something like this:

  • A burning platform – take a bold stance that resounds with your target market, making it impossible to ignore. Creating a resolutely quanitified statement that shines an unwavering beam on the tipping point for success.
  • Your unique difference – nailing what you do brilliantly, and far better than your competition. Getting to the heart of your 'A' strengths.
  • Clearly defined position– total clarity about who you should be talking to you right now, and what you should be saying. Translating your position into something your market recognises in a heartbeat.
  • Absolutely no ‘me too’ – you can be sure that you stand out for all the right reasons.