Film and multimedia

Film is THE media of the noughties. We’re all making and sharing videos. And businesses have a huge opportunity to leverage the deep engagement factor of well-produced video. The key is to create film which is engaging and real – not flashy, cheesy or dated.

Producing short films can also be an incredibly cost-effective way to convey an important message. Great footage can be captured in as little as a morning and our corporate editors can transform this into something fantastic within a week. Of course, if you have something bigger to say, we can bring jibs, rigs, actors, choreographers and scene builders and create something truly awe-inspiring.


How to put us to work

B2B marketing communication

  • Bring services to life with a ‘what we do’ DVD or web video
  • Produce web video profiles of key employees

Employee communication

  • Convert workshops and offsites into e-learning
  • Create engaging film and media to support an important initiative