Focused Round Table: Systematic growth in a zero growth economy.

We're holding a Round Table event specifically for CEOs and MDs in our network, focused on systematic growth in a zero growth economy:

When: 9th February 2012
Where:Radisson Edwardian Hampshire, London

It will be chaired by John Rosling, CEO of Shirlaws UK, whose methodology and language is behind some of the best SME growth stories in the UK in the last 10 years.

John will share this methodology - plus the Shirlaws forecast for the shape and timing of the double dip recession - and facilitate an audience discussion around:

  • Finding and bottling your IP/rocket fuel
  • Capacity and functionality - two ways to unlock growth
  • The shape of the economic cycle and what to do as we head back into a downturn

Carrie Bedingfield will follow with a session on the Onefish Twofish Lead Generation Machine: our approach to building a true marketing engine for your business. This is designed specifically to:

  • Generate relationships with the right people and nurture them all the way to sale
  • Automate as much of your marketing as possible, making it easy to sustain
  • Provide simple ways to produce traditionally time consuming marketing content, like white papers and opinion articles
  • Deliver results from day one (what’s the point in waiting 6 months to know if your investment is going to pay off?)
  • Make the very best of new, free technology without getting bogged down (or letting Twitter bring you to a grinding halt!)
  • Make your marketing accountable and measurable, quickly pinpointing broken links.

This is an invitation-only round table – but please feel free to contact us for more information on the event or the topics discussed.