Focused roundtables hosted by Onefish Twofish

How to achieve systematic growth in a zero growth economy

In May 2012, we brought together CEOs and MDs to share some of our ideas and experiences on systematic growth in a zero growth economy, and to showcase some recent examples; from nurturing new relationships all the way to the sale, to automating as much of your marketing as possible.

Speakers from Shirlaws, Value Genie and Onefish Twofish spoke about the three crucial steps to success in a zero growth economy. 
The only possible strategy, the only possible timing
The shape and timing of the double dip recession and specifically what you need to do and when.
John Rosling, CEO of Shirlaws UK (the company behind some of the best SME growth stories in the UK in the last 10 years)

Cut through a stagnant market: value proposition rocket fuel
Formulate and articulate intended experiences that will set you apart, and that your enterprise can deliver profitably.
David Pinder, MD, Value Genie (author Creating & Delivering Your Value Proposition)

Lead generation machine: turn your value proposition into money in the bank

Create a systematic lead generation machine which is designed to get traction in saturated or flat marketplaces.
Carrie Bedingfield, Director, Onefish Twofish (author of The Lead Generation Machine) 

Download the speaker slide decks below...

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