Lead Generation

Three lead generation challenges


“Telemarketing agencies promise the earth – but they can’t engage senior people in a conversation about a complex offering.”


“Email doesn’t work any more. Campaigns are time consuming to set up, half the emails don’t even get through the spam filter and the rest are deleted without being read.”


“It takes huge time and investment to set up a campaign, only to find that it doesn’t generate the results we need.”


Three solutions

The Webcast Web

The idea: Make high value content easy to create and use as bait in the marketplace

Best for: Topics which are technical or most impactful when presented visually/verbally

The 1:1 Campaign

The idea: Create a simple, direct email approach which asks for what you want: a meeting. Run this systematically and in volume.

Best for: Markets with obvious senior decision makers who are hard to reach any other way.

The Solution Promotion

The idea: Take a solution or service to market, directly and emphatically.

Best for: Genuinely engaging products where the prospect need is well known.


Does Onefish Twofish lead generation work?

What prospects say

“First off, thank you for brightening up my day, due to your email being a well crafted, genuine sounding piece of work with a clear call to action.”