Marketing the Growing Consultancy: How to sell clever things to big companies

We are hosting a round table event specifically designed for specialist consultancies looking to crack into big new clients in 2012. The event is focused on directors/owners of growing specialist consultancies.

Speakers at this event are:

  • Session 1: Carrie Bedingfield, CEO of Onefish Twofish
  • Session 2: Alex Barr, CEO of GenLead.

Session 1:  The Lead Generation Machine for growing niche consultancies

A systematic approach to building a strong, future pipeline.

Carrie shares the Onefish Twofish approach to building a true marketing engine for your business. Used successfully by 50+ companies since its launch in 2010, the four-step programme is designed specifically to:

  • Generate relationships with the right people and nurture them all the way to sale
  • Automate as much of your marketing as possible, making it easy to sustain
  • Provide simple ways to produce traditionally time consuming marketing content, like white papers and opinion articles
  • Deliver results from day one (what’s the point in waiting for 6 months to know if your investment is going to pay off?)
  • Make the very best of new, free technology without getting bogged down (or letting Twitter bring you to a grinding halt!)
  • Make your marketing accountable and measurable, quickly pinpointing broken links

The B2B Lead Generation Machine is driven by a quarterly cycle of repeatable activity, broken into tasks that can be easily commoditised:

1) Create great content (own your marketplace)

2) Make some buzz (get on the radar)

3) Generate leads (make invisible prospects visible)

4) Nurture your leads (cherish your crown jewels).

Support for the B2B Lead Generation Machine has been universal since its launch in 2010. Single-person businesses and large corporates alike have praised its simplicity, flexibility and effectiveness.

“A powerful, thought-provoking approach to marketing to businesses which is as relevant to start-ups as to a 100,000 person corporation like Microsoft.” 

Mark Johnston, Head of Audience Marketing, Microsoft

Session 2: From dialogue to decent client: how to engage with and get in front of new clients.

Why consultancies miss opportunities for dialogue with prospective clients …and how to create conversations that lead to new business.

Consultancies tend to fall into two camps, those that focus on selling 'boxes' and those that build a relationship, and add value to their clients. We work with the latter. Client research tells us that just having a slot in a prospective clients diary is not the same thing as a properly qualified meeting to explore if what you do could be of use.

Alex shows how to create a focus on delivering a sustainable stream of new commercial clients, delivered in a way that maintains your reputation and professional standards. He will show you:

1) How to engage with and get in front of new clients

2) Why professional services don’t speak to prospective clients, and how to do it properly

3) How to open and nurture a steady stream of new clients

4) Why professional service firms are bad at business development – and what to do about it

“Helped me to refine my approach to the market and is doing a great job supporting my business growth, as an SME I need to ensure every penny I spend has a fantastic ROI and I couldn't be happier with GenLead's work” Quote is from? 


Event details

Date: Tuesday 7th February 2012

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

Location: Shirlaws (UK) Ltd, 2nd Floor, 2-4 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3AA

Cost: £95

This round table is almost full so please drop us a line if you know you'd like to come and don't want to risk missing a place.