Social media

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (and alllll the various other tools) are dividing opinion. Companies know they need to be involved but half are embracing and loving it and the other half are saying "LinkedIn doesn’t work and if I have to hear about it one more time…!"

So what’s the answer?

Clearly they do work or time/money investment would have waned long ago. But our opinion is that there is definitely a smart way to use these tools so that they derive benefit but don’t bring you or your business to a standstill.

Social media for marketing

We help companies sweat the absolute maximum value from social media. This means setting up and managing a series of profiles and creating a ‘broadcast system’ so that any content you produce is circulated around the highest possible volume and quality of audience. The byproduct of a great social media presence is priceless search engine optimisation for your website. For this reason alone, it’s worth a sophisticated approach to social media.

We can set up and run your social media marketing campaign, including:

  • Optimising your personal and company profile and sales potential on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc
  • Broadcasting your content to a wide and relevant audience, generating clicks and downloads
  • Setting up and running thriving fora on LinkedIn and beyond and putting you at the heart of the important conversations
  • Getting you noticed online by opinion leaders, bloggers and journalists
  • Building your ‘Google homepage’ - the links and messages people see when they search for your company name

Social media for employees

A far less mature discipline, most companies are in the early stages of putting social media to good use.

We can enable you to capitalise on the great tools on the market to:

  • Create knowledge sharing and learning across the business
  • Develop powerful online networks across siloes and geographies, promoting collaboration
  • Simplify and maximise internal communication
  • Build energy, identity and loyalty across people and teams