Training materials

Every business is on a mission to change employee behaviour – from encouraging managers to adopt a coaching management style to helping everyone operate in line with a new strategic direction.

Here's how we use communication to accelerate behaviour change (and bring down cost in one fell swoop...):

  • A strong visual identity stimulates interest and signals change -we make sure an initiative 'feels' important
  • Diverse and creative media bring a new way of operating to life and provides an opportunity for people to engage and contribute -we take your leadership team's fingers off the 'send' button
  • Learning happens through developing both skill and will -we plan pre-, during and post-development communication so that people arrive ready to change the way they operate
  • Communication can reduce the need for expensive face-to-face learning -we create a whole package of learning 'touchpoints', speeding up change and decreasing the overall development budget
  • Drip-drip-drip is the best way to ensure behaviour change is permanent -our learning package keeps the new behaviour front-of-mind for as long as it takes for the change to become a habit