What we do

What we (really) do, in a nutshell

We’re a communication and content consultancy with legs. We think, plan, create, write, film, artwork, produce, email, market and broadcast, generating the response needed from the audience – whether prospects or employees.

Experts in tough B2B markets and  cynical employees

If you have a market leading service or an army of utterly devoted employees, you probably don’t need us. Our strength is in the tough stuff. Bringing an intangible service to life in a saturated business market. Getting employees excited by an new strategy when they are ‘strategied out’. Generating a brand new pipeline of sales opportunities for a company that has relied on a few brilliant rainmakers.

We wrote the book on creating a B2B Lead Generation Machine. This is the toolkit that sits behind our approach to business growth, The New Marketing Journey.  We believe in helping companies create their own demand, embedding the know-how into their businesses so that they can feed themselves forever.  Much less expensive than hiring an agency, and creates lasting value.